JavaScript — Beyond the curly braces


One of the greatest problems with JavaScript is its superficial syntax resemblance of C-style languages. We call it the curse of the curly braces. That is also a very large source of frustration for developers trying to learn JavaScript beyond the basics. Thinking that JavaScript is somehow related to Java or even "It's almost like C# but a little simpler" is an unfortunate and common occurrence that can only lead to trouble.

In this session we will analyze some of the fundamental differences between JavaScript and C# (or even Java or VB.) We will highlight the pitfalls that can trap us and the appropriate workarounds for them.

To conclude the session we will take a look at Idiomatic JavaScript, which will help us understand how JavaScript is being written these days. Learning about this will also help you when trying to read the source code or even the documentation and samples for popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Prototype, YUI, etc.


Sergio Pereira has been developing software professionally since the mid 90's. After a short period of desktop application development, Sergio changed his focus to web development and never looked back. He's a strong believer in continuous improvement of himself, the processes, and the tools he uses in the software craft.

When the internet "rediscovered" JavaScript Sergio came across Prototype.js and produced its first useful documentation.

If you don't see Sergio in front of his computer screen, you will probably find him in front of an even bigger screen watching some live sports or a silly movie. You can find out more about Sergio on his blog or by following @sergiopereira on Twitter.

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