Stop Programming JavaScript by Luck


There are many differences between JavaScript and more mainstream languages like C#, Ruby, VB and even Java. Unfortunately many of these differences are ignored by web developers and can lead to seemingly unexplainable bugs or, worse, inappropriate blaming on the language itself and its eventual dismissal as real language.

By writing JavaScript code using techniques from other languages, many times developers will incur in code that is bug-prone and flat out embarrassing in JavaScript. The worst part is that the script seems to work fine – until it doesn’t.

In this talk we will highlight some of the most important differences that can cause tricky bugs to be introduced in your JavaScript. In the process we will learn a great deal about how JavaScript operates and feel much more comfortable when tackling such bugs.

Beware; you may not be able to sleep after seeing this talk until you can back to your code to fix it.


Sergio Pereira has been developing software professionally since the mid 90's. After a short period of desktop application development, Sergio changed his focus to web development and never looked back. He's a strong believer in continuous improvement of himself, the processes, and the tools he uses in the software craft.

When the internet "rediscovered" JavaScript Sergio came across Prototype.js and produced its first useful documentation.

If you don't see Sergio in front of his computer screen, you will probably find him in front of an even bigger screen watching some live sports or a silly movie. You can find out more about Sergio on his blog or by following @sergiopereira on Twitter.

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